Lean Consulting

Lean is the bringing about of a day by day improvement to your services that your consumers value. It is not a process improvement initiative or a tool, but a […]

Lean Training

Our Lean Simulation Training provides your team with a taste of what Lean is through experiencing it with a simulation.  The simulation is engaging and fully interactive and enables the […]

DevOps Transformation

DevOps came about to lessen the negative effects of development and operations each working in their own silos. Development wanted to change systems to support business outcomes and operations were […]

Portfolio Kanban

Managing the portfolio of work in any medium to large organisation is challenging.  With knowledge work such as software development it becomes even more difficult as the work is invisible. What […]

Agile Coaching

We coach your IT team in how to move into a rapid cycle of plan, build, deliver, and learn. Through each iteration you gain knowledge that can be applied to […]