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The ability of executive teams to forecast the future of their business environments and markets is diminishing.  They are under extreme pressure to exploit business opportunities and to rapidly change as the world changes around them.  This puts considerable pressure on the Information Technology departments to respond to change and to deliver solutions in a rapid and flexible way.  Information Technology departments have become the constraint to the business rather than being the enabler.  The delivery of solutions often takes years, so by the time they have been delivered the world has moved on and the business has not gained the benefits promised.

We at LeanIT understand this issue and the difficulty that Information Technology departments face in delivering value.  Therefore, we started this business to help Information Technology department in the Northland area deliver value in a rapid and responsive way.  Applying Lean and Agile methods to Info Tech departments enables them to meet the rapidly changing needs of the business environment and the Info Tech department becomes an enabler rather than a constraint to change.

So how can we help?  First of all, you cannot manage what you cannot see.  So we help to visualise your work.  Once it is visualised it will become apparent where improvements can be made.  Secondly, we train your staff in agile and lean principles so that they can start to think and work differently.  Thirdly, we help to empower your workers and get them to take control of "how" work is achieved, while freeing the management to focus on "what" is to be done.  Have a look through our Services tab to see what we provide in more detail.

Engage us and we will start you on the road to being responsive, flexible and agile to your business needs.

We focus our business in the Northland area of New Zealand, primarily working in Whangarei.  If you are in the need for Agile of Lean skills in Whangarei we can bring significant experience to help.

James Macnee

Lean Information Technology - James Macnee

With over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and a strong management background, James brings practical application of Lean Information Technology's principles to its clients. James strongly believes in people and works to remove the barriers that impede progress. James is a doer who gets things done. He raises the issues, says the unspoken things and opens up the way for staff to achieve great things. He builds trust and engages the minds of your staff for your business. He sees the bigger picture from end to end and helps your staff focus on and realise customers’ needs. If you are looking for an experienced individual in the Whangarei area who will make a difference, James is here to help you.


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Paul Salmon

Paul Salmon Information TechnologyWith experience as a business analyst, developer and team leader / manager for over 18 years in Information Technology, Paul has had experience in the many ways that software creation is carried out. Paul is passionate about Lean as an approach that improves outcomes for both the organisation and the individuals working within it.  If you are looking for someone who can lead software teams in Auckland, Paul is someone you can count on.


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