DevOps Transformantion

DevOps Transformation

DevOps came about to lessen the negative effects of development and operations each working in their own silos. Development wanted to change systems to support business outcomes and operations were focused on keeping systems stable. DevOps works to remove the barriers between development and operations by having the two groups work together and understand each others drivers.

DevOps has evolved into reducing software cycle times in order to improve the frequency of feedback and the subsequent action upon that feedback. DevOps includes cultural change as well as a focus on increasing automation of building environments, deployment and testing in order to reduce cycle time. DevOps is based on Lean and Agile principles.

DevOps is focused on reducing time to market for the purpose of increasing the amount of customer feedback that can be used to further improve your product or service.

Lean IT has experience in DevOps implementations and can help you to understand the benefits and changes required. We can provide training and coaching to both the leadership team and product teams.
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