Tribal Leadership – Book Review

Throughout his book Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh promotes this book called Tribal Leadership.Due to his promotion, I decided to read Tribal LeadershipTribal Leadership.  The book gives a view of a company or group of people as a tribe and the people inside that tribe are at different stages.  He categorises people as stages 1 – 5 within a bell-like curve, where you have minimal people in stages 1 and 5 and the majority of people in stages 2 – 4. Stage 1 has fully disengaged people only caring for themselves and feeling disconnected to the rest of the tribe. Stage 2 is your typical office where staff are doing their job, but feeling that their life sucks and they see no worth in themselves. Stage 3 is the go-getters, those fully for themselves. They are going forward and improving their own lot, and are focused on their own growth and how much better they are than others.  Stage 4 shows people who are connected and working for the good of the team and bettering the team together.  Stage 5 is the ultimate, which you see in companies like Toyota who are working for the good of the community and the bigger picture.

What I found useful was to see how different people in different stages needed to move from one stage to the next, not just jumping from stage 2 to stage 4. It is a progression of moving forward and slowly improving. The book discusses what it takes to be a tribal leader, and how a tribal leader’s role is to move people along these stages by giving them specific advice to accomplish this.

It’s worth a read, but not one of my favourites.