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Lean Consulting

Lean consulting is the bringing about of a day by day improvement of processes that your consumers value. It is not a process improvement initiative or a tool, but a long term commitment in a new way of working.  What we provide is a service that will educate and train your staff in Lean principles and practices so that they may bring about the changes.

Lean Training

Our Lean Simulation Training provides a method of imparting the knowledge of Lean to the staff in your company. The simulation is engaging and fully interactive and enables the staff to see the benefits of Lean through first hand experience. These sessions are run in-house and are designed to be run with a complete team.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps came about to lessen the negative effects of development and operations each working in their own silos. Development wanted to change systems to support business outcomes and operations were often focused on keeping systems stable. DevOps works to remove the barriers between development and operations by having the two groups work together.

Portfolio Kanban

Managing the portfolio of work in any medium to large organisation is challenging.  With knowledge work such as software development it becomes even more difficult as the work is invisible. What portfolio Kanban can provide is a solution to see and limit the amount of work that is currently in progress and to deliver what is in progress in a quick and efficient way.

Agile Delivery

We experienced in delivering software using agile principles and practices.  We provide agile training and ongoing coaching to help both management and delivery teams on the agile journey.  Agile’s goal is the regular delivery of working software.  To do this, work needs to be broken down into small pieces and then have the team focus their energy on delivering one piece at a time.

Web Development

We provide web design and development service in conjunction with Dev2 which focuses on educating, equipping and providing a market for those who are in poverty in the Philippines.

Our Team

James Macnee

James Macnee

Senior Lean Practitioner

With over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and a strong management background, James brings practical application of Lean Information Technology’s principles to its clients. James strongly believes in people and works to remove the barriers that impede progress. He builds trust and engages the minds of your staff for your business. He sees the bigger picture from end to end and helps your staff focus on and realise customers’ needs.

Paul Salmon

Paul Salmon

Senior Lean Practitioner

With experience as a business analyst, developer and team leader / manager for over 18 years in Information Technology, Paul has had experience in the many ways that software creation is carried out. Paul is passionate about Lean as an approach that improves outcomes for both the organisation and the individuals working within it.

Kiesoon Macnee

Kiesoon Macnee

Web Developer

With finance and science background, Kiesoon has been a part of LeanIT team for many years. Kiesoon has been involved with Lean simulation training and also web development especially for Dev2 which is LeanIT’s project to help the underprivileged young people in the Philippines.

Our Clients

What our clients say

The simulation made it very visual how changing the perspective and the goal from the department to the value produced to the customer improves the process, reduces waste, WIP and increases the benefit (in this case the profit). It was also great to see how the team realised at the end that without communicating with each other and understanding the dependencies of each department it would be challenging to get benefit.

Aygul Mansurova

Inland Revenue

We used James and Paul from LeanIT to run their Lean Simulation Training across three individual teams from within the Wintec Student Enrollment and Information Centre. The simulation was a great way for those that participated, not only to better understand key lean principles, but to experience these first hand. James and Paul tailored the simulations around a tight schedule we imposed in order to give everyone the chance to participate – this was really useful for us. The feedback received from the teams was very positive and as managers we noticed immediate outcomes with staff questioning and considering improvements to business processes. I would certainly recommend the Lean Simulation Training for a wide variety of teams and businesses.

Sarah Silver and Sylvia Cocker


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