Delivering high-quality, innovative products to market that customers want is the unifying purpose of every organization.  PLAYBOOK software supports this purpose by delivering Lean and Agile New Product Development project execution software that empowers teams to increase performance and speed to market, while delivering higher quality products.  After many years of consulting across dozens of organizations, the founders had refined a new product development system that reduced development timelines by 50%.  Their customers loved it, but kept asking for software to support it.  Because the methods were a unique combination derived from Lean, Agile, Flow and Theory of Constraints, there were no existing software tools that would work, so they created it themselves.  Game changing PLAYBOOK was born.  Since launch PLAYBOOK has been implemented in diverse industries from medical devices to aerospace and has been proven to cut project timelines by up to 50%.



Vimalyis a next-generation work management tool that visualizes work in real time, scaling from individual workflows to enterprise-spanning value streams.  It is the best visualisation tool that I am aware of.  With it you have full flexibility in creating your own visual management board to view the same data in a variety of ways.   Please contact us if you would like a demo of the product.